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Crisis and revolution in Europe

People of Europe, rise up!

Observatorio Metropolitano

English version of Crisis y revolución en Europa by Observatorio Metropolitano, an activist research group from Madrid.

Four years of crises, three of them of austerity policies and social cuts, seem a lot of time. The current economic policy, dictated by the ECB, The European Comission, Germany and France, hasn´t lead us anywhere near recovery. On the contrary, its stubborn submission to the interests of credictors, in fact the big banks, has only served as the means of the bigger socialization of private debt in european history through the crises of sovereign debt and the bankruptcy of the so-called peripheral states . And, worst, it has lead us to permanent crises situation with no end in sight. If no other political actors existed, the alternatives would be restricted to a radical change (beyond the reach and the knowledge of the european elites) or the insistence on an out of control neoliberalism that threatens to sweep away the whole european project.

But as the poem goes "Where danger is, deliverance also grows", the antidote has been brought about by the citizen's movement that extend almost all over the continent. We are talking about, 15-M in Spain, the movent of the greek squares, french workers on strike and a growing number of "indignados". It is in this political work in progress where we can find a social way out of the crises and the rescue of the only thing that matters: democracy and the european society.


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